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Training of trainers in Austria

In a significant stride towards fostering inclusivity and addressing the unique challenges faced by overweight and adipose youth, YOUnite – a holistic program aimed at integrating young individuals into the labor market – recently conducted a successful Training of Trainers (ToT) event in Vienna. The event, organized by ÖSB, brought together a diverse group of internal and external experts to equip them with the skills needed to effectively work with obese youth.

The ToT participants comprised a group of seasoned professionals, including youth counselors, psychologists, sports scientists, social workers, and experts in medicine and the labor market. Led by a team of moderators, external experts Barbara Klein and Bianca Itariu, the trainers demonstrated a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

The ToT aimed at refining the training methodology for future coaches to address the specific needs of overweight and adipose youth. Participants actively engaged in activities designed to validate the pilot training program and gain firsthand experience with the proposed actions. The success of the ToT was evident as experts expressed enthusiasm in leading and participating in pilot training sessions, feeling more confident in their ability to work with young individuals struggling with obesity.

The ÖSB team employed a variety of methods during the ToT sessions, including workshops, hands-on training, skills exchange, activity evaluation workshops, and real-life scenarios. The focus was on adapting the ToT methodology to suit the specific needs of the company and ensure the success of the YOUnite program.

As a direct outcome, trainers highlighted the need for a specialized online expert workshop to deepen their understanding of the psychological aspects of obesity. This workshop, intended for a broader group of ÖSB internal trainers, aims to enhance their capacity to engage with obese youth effectively.

The trial sessions provided valuable insights into the adaptability and effectiveness of activities tailored for overweight adolescents. Activities such as treasure hunts, vision board creation, and cooking were carefully curated to consider participants’ physical limitations, dietary habits, and cultural backgrounds. These results underscored the success of aligning activities with the specific needs of the target audience, preparing them comprehensively for integration into the workforce.

Participants in the ToT acquired a range of knowledge, skills, and competencies crucial for working with overweight youth. The emphasis was on meticulous analysis and execution of activities tailored for effective integration of the activities into a fully-fledged training programme designed for this specific demographic. The trainers’ dedication to adapting activities to the needs of overweight adolescents showcased their commitment to preparing the youth for a successful transition into the workforce. The YOUnite project, through its recent ToT event, has not only equipped trainers with the necessary tools but has also paved the way for a more inclusive and supportive environment for overweight and adipose youth on their journey to meaningful employment.