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NYT-Liikunta Initiative in Finland

Affordable and Inclusive Physical Activity for Helsinki’s Youth

In an effort to promote active lifestyles among young adults, the NYT-Liikunta initiative is bringing diverse and accessible low-threshold physical activities to individuals aged 18–29 across Helsinki. The program offers an affordable way for participants to engage in a variety of exercise classes suitable for all fitness levels.

The NYT-Liikunta program operates on a seasonal basis, with a 30-euro pass providing unlimited access to all classes throughout the season. The autumn season runs from September to mid-December, the spring season from January to late May, and during the summer, free short courses, events, and excursions, such as trampoline park visits and rock climbing outings, are organized.

Participation in NYT-Liikunta classes does not require advance registration, and individuals of all fitness backgrounds are welcome. The classes are led by knowledgeable and encouraging instructors, providing guidance for newcomers and offering challenges for more experienced participants. The initiative aims to make physical activity accessible to everyone, regardless of their fitness level or experience.