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Media Campaign in Poland

Obesity: change your perspective.

The campaign “Let’s talk frankly about obesity” is a media activity organized by the pharmaceutical company Novonordisk. Patronage of knowledge is held by the Polish Society for the Treatment of Obesity. Patrons of the initiative include the Obesity Treatment Foundation, the Strength Foundation, the Polish Society for Lifestyle Medicine and others.

The priority goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and educate the public, including overweight and obese people, that obesity is not a cosmetic defect, but a serious disease leading to more than 200 complications. The basis for changing the perception of people with obesity is to accept that obesity is a disease and to learn about its mechanisms and the risks it poses. The message of the initiative is to educate about the fact that people suffering from obesity need support and professional medical help. Understanding and proper communication are the basis for a successful treatment process.

The faces of this campaign include celebrities struggling with obesity.

The platform provides educational materials on modifying eating habits and physical activity, guides such as a self-monitoring journal, a practical dictionary, and a list of doctors and medical centers specializing in treating obesity disease. Healthy Shape is on the map of obesity treatment centers recommended by the Polish Society for the Treatment of Obesity.

The whole thing has an interesting and encouraging design for lifestyle changes.