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Training of trainers in Hungary

Insights from EMINA Career Guidance Foundation’s Training of Trainers Program

EMINA Career Guidance Foundation recently concluded a highly successful 4-day Training of Trainers program from 27th to 30th December. Eight enthusiastic youth coaches, under the guidance of an expert trainer, gathered to delve into the intricacies of the YOUnite Program.

The first day commenced with an introduction to the YOUnite Program, fostering a collaborative learning environment through ice-breaking activities. Expectations were clarified, and an overview of the program’s structure was provided. Ice-breaking activities and group discussions ensued, followed by an informative session on obesity causes and effects, coupled with experiential learning methods.

Various methodologies were employed, including ice-breaking activities, group discussions, presentations, visual aids, and hands-on practice with the Bicycle Method. Participants also engaged in discussions on “Atomic Habits” and self-reflection using Johari’s Window.

The second day saw an in-depth exploration of Stress, Awareness, and Employment Modules, complemented by situation practices, case studies, and discussions. Midterm evaluation and feedback sessions were conducted, guiding participants in preparing workshops and selecting models for trial sessions.

Day three was dedicated to trial sessions of YOUnite modules, with participants leading workshops on Nutrition, Sports, Stress, and Employment. The trainer played a pivotal role in providing practical advice, enhancing participants’ coaching methodologies.

On the fourth day, trial sessions continued, focusing on the Awareness and Employment Modules. Networking and collaboration were encouraged, followed by informative sessions on identity-based habits and addressing obesity-related challenges. A simulation game and reflection sessions concluded the program, fostering ongoing collaboration and communication plans among participants.

Each participant brought a unique set of skills and experiences to the training, enriching the learning environment. Under the expert guidance of the YOUnite trainer, comprehensive insights were provided into the program, equipping participants with effective methodologies to address youth obesity challenges.

The intensive four-day training, consisting of structured activities and practical exercises, successfully achieved its objectives. Participants gained theoretical insights and applied their knowledge through trial sessions, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the YOUnite modules.