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We eat well - self-help programme from Hungary

The “Jól(l)eszünk” (We Eat Well) program stands as a collaborative effort between the Institute of Behavioral Sciences at Semmelweis University and the BioTechUSA group of companies, aimed at aiding individuals in their recovery from eating disorders. This self-help tool is tailored to involve families in the recovery process.

The “Jól(l)eszém” self-help program is specifically designed for those grappling with eating disorders and their families. Recognizing the strain that an eating disorder places on familial dynamics, the program seeks to alleviate tension and restore balance through informative content and structured guidance.

Operating on a guided self-help model, the online program provides comprehensive support, allowing families to navigate the recovery journey effectively. Through a series of ten modules, participants embark on a ten-week journey, delving into various topics essential to overcoming eating disorders within the family unit.

Emphasizing commitment, the program encourages weekly engagement with each module, fostering discussion and reflection within the family setting. Rich in educational materials, real-life examples, and practical worksheets, the modules equip families with the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting recovery.

The program extends its reach to families coping with members affected by anorexia and bulimia, particularly targeting teenagers and young adults. An integral aspect of the program is ongoing research, with participants invited to complete health questionnaires at the program’s onset and conclusion, contributing to ongoing advancements in eating disorder treatment.