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Final expert meeting in Helsinki

The 4th and final expert meeting held by ACR in Helsinki on April 8th. During the meeting, the discussion focused on project objectives, and the experts reviewed and refined the approach to each of the training models to finalize the project plan. The experts‘ expertise and insights helped the team to ensure that the project’s goals and objectives were aligned with the previously discussed approach to each model. The experts highlighted the importance of encouragement of low-threshold activities and emphasizes the importance of having fun. By focusing on personal goals and desires, the project hopes to keep participants engaged and invested in their own success.

The experts‘ input was invaluable, and they provided valuable insights on the communication plan for the project, given their expertise in social media and PR. The experts‘ contributions were very important to ensure that the project would be successful and reach its target audience.

ACR was grateful for the experts‘ contributions, and they expressed their appreciation by treating them to an Easter lunch in Helsinki. During the lunch, the experts expressed their satisfaction with being part of the project and shared their enthusiasm for it. They discussed the success of the project and how excited they were to see the results. The team was delighted to hear the experts‘ positive feedback.