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Work in progress

for the training modules and instructions

The transnational partnership is currently developing the training modules which will be the core outputs
of the YOUnite project, an Erasmus+ initiative focused on supporting the labour market integration of
overweight youth. The modules aim to provide hands-on, engaging activities to boost the self-esteem
and confidence of overweight youth and prepare them for success in the labor market.
Led by a team of dedicated experts in the field, the Younite project is focused on addressing the unique
challenges faced by overweight youth in their transition to adulthood. With a mission to empower and
equip these youth with the necessary tools and skills for success, the project aims to make a
meaningful impact on their lives.

One of the key components of the Younite project is the development of training modules that provide
practical and relevant barrier-free support for overweight youth, as a first stepping stone towards self-
esteem and towards seeking professional help. The 6 training modules on health, nutrition, sport,
stress, awareness and employability are currently under development, with the team working jointly to
create engaging and non-formal activities that will resonate with the target audience. BAsed on country
level brainstorming within expert working groups, the transnational team from Austria, Finland, Hungary
and Poland came together to discuss, explain and compare the proposed activities in the different
countries and develop the modules which will be adapted to local circumstances in these countries and
available in five languages.

The activities within the module are designed to be hands-on and interactive, providing overweight
youth with opportunities to learn about health and medicine in a fun and engaging manner. Topics
covered may include nutrition, exercise, mental health, self-care, understanding the human body, and
basic first aid. The module also aims to address the emotional and psychological aspects of obesity,
such as body image, self-acceptance, and self-compassion, to help improve the self-esteem and
confidence of overweight youth.

The Younite project recognizes the importance of preparing overweight youth for the labor market, and
the training modules are specifically designed to enhance their readiness for employment. By providing
them with relevant skills the modules aim to empower overweight youth to make positive choices for
their well-being and increase their confidence as they navigate their career paths.

The Younite project continues to work on the development of the modules and the supportive
instructions for trainers, so any interested person, working with obese youth could get inspiration from
the vast array of training tools and will be able to use them in theirwork. The project team has a strong
dedication to supporting overweight youth and equipping them with the necessary tools for success is
and the modules are expected tob e ready by mid Ocober 2023 to be a valuable resource for
empowering and transforming the lives of overweight youth.