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EMINA hosts four expert meetings

The EMINA Career Guidance Foundation organised four meetings with a group of experts in March and April 2023 in Budapest. The different background of invited contributors (trainers, nutritionist, youth workers, educators, doctors and dietitians) was a strong basis to have insightful discussions with meaningful results. The purpose of the meetings was to consult with experts on training modules to be developed within the YOUnite project.

The discussions gave a chance to go-around deeply in the challenges of healthy lifestyle, diet and work-related issues rooted in obesity. The experts also gave valuable ideas regarding the implementation, the content of the training modules and how to make healthy lifestyle sustainable and attractive to the target groups.

During the meetings with 9 invited experts the topics of medical aspects of obesity, nutrition, sport, stress, self-awareness and challenges of career development were discussed. In the last two meetings the participants made it possible to have a deep insight into the causes of unemployment and challenges caused by the isolation of young obese people in the labour market. While brainstorming about the topic of self-awareness, stress and career guidance (consequences of stress, social stress, mindfulness, confidence, advantages of career guidance), the experts shared their best practices of stress relieve, time management and career development. The experts also shared their ideas on how to implement trainings and educational activities for the youngsters in practice.

The outcomes of the expert groups’ discussions will be applied during later phases of the YOUnite project and in other youth activities carried out by the EMINA Foundation.