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First real-life experiments of our training activities

In a significant stride towards its mission, the Austrian team of YOUnite project recently took part in the Messe für Gesundheit und Prävention 2023 organized by Wiener Hilfswerk.

This event marked a significant milestone for us, as it represented the first real-life experiment of our training activities. We were eager to see how the youth would respond, whether we had successfully struck the right chord with the activities we had developed, and whether we could engage in meaningful conversations with the young participants to gauge the effectiveness of our initiatives.

At the Gesundheitsmesse, our team set up an engaging booth, where young participants had the unique opportunity to engage in easy, enjoyable, and informative exercises that highlighted the importance of sport, nutrition, and overall health. We organized two interactive activities at our booth to spark curiosity and draw people in. First, we organized a guessing game where participants estimated the amount of sugar in a Milk-slice. Secondly, we encouraged attendees to demonstrate five exercises using an exercise band. Both activities were well-received, and people had a lot of fun participating. Those who successfully completed these tasks at our booth were rewarded with pop-sockets (mobile holders), making it an extra incentive for active participation. We were thrilled to connect with many young people during the event. Our booth stood out as one of the few that truly appealed to the younger generation.

Moreover, the event served as a platform for networking and collaboration, which was an ideal occasion to introduce our training modules, currently in development, to organizations such as WIG, Wiener Programme für Frauengesundheit, ASVÖ Wien, Fonds Soziales Wien, Diakonie, and numerous other NGOs. These connections have the potential to further enrich and expand the reach of the YOUnite project, ultimately benefiting the youth it aims to support.

Our team’s ability to communicate in multiple languages, including German, English, Turkish, and Hungarian, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our booth. It enhanced the transnational feeling of our booth and made it more accessible to a diverse audience.

In summary, our participation in Gesundheitsmesse was a significant step forward in ÖSB’s commitment to empowering obese youth and facilitating their successful integration into the labor market. The engaging activities offered at our booth allowed us to connect directly with our target audience and demonstrate the joy of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it provided a platform for collaboration and networking with like-minded organizations. With these efforts, the YOUnite project, supported by various departments within ÖSB, is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of the youth we serve, inspiring them to embrace a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.